Useless Ryan Air Tarts

The Trouble With RyanAir

I recently had to go to Ireland recently and as I was in a rush, I made the mistake of not specifying the airline to book with. Unfortunately for Mingo, the travel company booked me onto 2 Ryan Air flights and it was possibly the worst travel experience of my life. Now I’m no snob and have travelled on an awful lot of airlines; some budget and some not budget (are their any others?) and I can say without question that RyanAir is possibly the worst airline I have ever travelled with. Here is why Mingo is not happy today:
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Online Dating Pitfalls

I recently woke up in some bushes in Swindon and on the newpaper I’d used as a blanket, I read the following paper about Benefits scrounger White Dee looking for love online. This got me thinking about all those poor hapless bastards who might end up on a date with someone like White Dee who; lets be honest; would frighten a police horse.Here’s the Mingo Sheffield Guide to what to look out for when online dating and some common online dating pitfalls.   Bubbly   Bubbly This is white Dee. Bubbly gives you a sense that they’d be the life
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