Things I can See in Ljubljana Airport

I am currently sat in an airport in Slovenia and I am bored therefore here are some of the things I can currently see from my seat just outside the ladies lavatory.

  1. A man with a wooly hat which is literally sitting on top of his head. It’s delicately balanced by the look of it, I will try to get a picture but he looks a big lad and a bit handy so I have to be careful.
  2. A 90 year old Des Lyman doing a crossword
  3. A woman walking sideways for some reason. I like to think it’s because she was born with crab genes in some kind of freak labarotory accident but it’s probably just something up with her legs like rickets or something.
  4. A pay phone. Who the fuck uses pay phones anymore?
  5. A space marked on the floor for where disabled people should sit.
  6. Some nuns

Sorry for the poor photography but I can’t be arsed going getting decent shots as I’m having a pint.